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Are You in Compliance with your Drug & Alcohol Testing Program?


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As safety compliance professionals, we assess your Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance and safety needs and offer you a variety of very affordable services. Did you Know? An average of 74% of all drug users are employed.

DOT Program Management


Our services and experience help you eliminate the "blind spots" that occur during the DOT collection and lab testing process.

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CSA Compliance

Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) is a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) initiative

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Drug and Alcohol Testing









Our mission is to deliver the most professional and reliable, specimen collection services in the industry and to provide tailored, quality service to each of our clients.

Compliance Audit Reviews


We're here to help you with DOT Compliance Audits.


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Driver Job Applications


Online Application - Click Here

Click on the BSS logo to download the Job Application:




Notice that the filename of the downloaded file may be saved as "BSS_Job_Application.pdf".

Driver Files


Each motor carrier shall maintain a driver qualification file for each driver it employs.

Background Checks MVRs

Motor Vehicle Reports, provide timely management and reports to help you quickly request, view, and understand results.

DOT Compliance Training


Our Compliance Training Program is designed to introduce the student to the code requirements found in the DOT (CFR) Part 192.

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